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His group is going to play this music widely loved by the Cuban people and warmly called "Guajiro Natural" (Natural Countryman).

The singer-songwriter died on November 26, 2002 in a car accident and left about 70 unpublished themes, stated to Prensa Latina his nephew Amauri Romero Borrego, present leader of the group.

He said "We try to keep his particular way of singing, recreate national rythms and country ballads and also to put in every theme a messages of love and peace"

"Polo Montanez is still beloved in Cuba and other countries such as Colombia and Venezuela, in which we were welcome several times while touring".

"We realize about how much people loved him every time we see hundreds of them visiting his house in Las Terrazas".

"That museum keeps his guitar, hat and other relics of the artists, who captivated the audience of Latin America and Europa with his charm", concluded Romero.


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