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The four years assesment ending in 2009, by the Cuban Animal Breeding Association (ACPA), subsidiary in Santiago de Cuba, is of significant results regarding the promotion to adopt efficient and sustainable technologies in the animal breeding
industry in the area, said Furmaguera PhD. Vice-President of the association in Santiago de Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba’s ACPA shows its performance in the increase in production, complete sector efficiency, and, among other objectives, kept in its mission of contributing with actions, experiences and available resources to human development,
remarked Aida Almaguer.

Created in 1974 as a non governmental organization, it has also worked to promote an increase in knowledge, skills and practice in the procedures of the Basic Entities of Cooperative Production (UBPC) in the area, through the use of Participative Strategic Planning (PEP) together with other tools used for development. It works in close relations with the provincial Training School of the Agricultural Ministry (MINAGRI), for a subsequent application in the rest of the agricultural production base.

The ACPA, as an association that supports itself on science and technical advances, contributes to its workers having a higher status, and works in the coordination of projects with the support of consultants in the themes, mainly in the UBPC,
benefiting from HIVOS 1 (Humanist Institute for Cooperation with the Developed Countries) projects and DIP -5, which is a project for general production development of the agricultural, economic sustainable sector of private growers and
cooperatives in the eastern part of Cuba, also known as HIVOS.


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