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The famous orchestra is to perform 70 Concerts there.

The extensive tour was planned in three stages for the coming year and could extend until 2011, said Formell during a press conference on Friday in Havana after presenting a documentary on the history of the group.

One or two of the concerts might also be held in Miami where a large number of Cuban emigrates reside, but also extreme right wing sectors who attempted to sabotage the group´s concerts and physically attacked its members.

“Miami has changed in the last ten years”, said the renowned musician who stressed that the situation in that Southern Florida city is much more favorable than years ago.

Durign the Bill Clinton administration and the first two years of the George Bush presidency many Cuban artists visited the US but later Washington’s policy against the island was strengthened and artists were denied visas to perform in the country.

Formell and his son Samuel Formell, successor of the Van Van orchestra, attended the premier of the documentary “Eso que Anda”, which is a homage to the 40 years of the orchestra and covers moments of the group founded in December of 1969.


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