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Due to Havana's 490 Anniversary foundation on November 16, 1519.

The complex has a block with 24 rooms and another one with 44 for about two or four people. Currently, some students of ballet, folkloric and contemporary dance, musical shows, and circus, are staying at the facilities. the facility is located on the area of Cayo Hueso, in Havana.

It also owns two blocks devoted to the services, a nursery, a sewing workshop, a dining room for the students with room for 100 people, and another one which can provide 25 workers with this service.

Its director, Ernesto Martel Llanes, stated that the mission of the center is to guarantee the material and socio-cultural requirements for the general formation of the art students, and to aid the system of institutions, as well as other organisms that would need it.

The facilities improve the quality of the students’ living conditions, and allow us to work directly on their whole formation and the performance of extra-educational activities.

Several students declare to be feeling good about the conditions of the center, which allows them to take more advantage out of their studies.

The community gets also benefited by the existence of the Complex, because from that place, numerous cultural and leisure activties are going to be held.

Source: Cubarte

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