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Country music will be on the spot, the wealth of this genre is to be promoted.  

Ciro Benemelis, president of the International 2010 Cubadisco Festival, the highpoint of national music industry, declared that the event will be a special moment to show the wealth of Cuban country music.

According to declarations made in this city, he said that popular parades, colloquiums, workshops in art schools, album presentations and the longest singing of the world all over the country, will distinguish the event, whose Awarding Gala will take place in Havana, on May 15, 2010.

To revise and re-edit the country repertoire with arrangements for non-traditional frames –such as the symphonic and the chamber- will make the 14th edition shine, declared Benemelis, who invited the improvisers from every country to participate
in the event, to highlight cultural expressions of rural countries.

From CUBADISCO 2010 onwards children will have a permanent space in the festival and during the edition there will be colloquiums organized in the artistic education centers and in coordination with art instructors to show them the identity values of country music.

The festival will have a honor committee, among whose members stand out important keepers and specialists, such as María Teresa Linares, Adolfo Alfonso, Celina González and Inocente Iznaga González (El Jilguero de Cienfuegos).

The festival has been a very important contribution for the development and promotion of Cuban album industry. It widened its categories from the introduction of new technologies to award the DVD format, documentaries and video-clips.

The image and the sound of the national album are currently competing in more than 25 categories, which are evaluated by a committee made up by important musicians, critics and other specialists.

Source: ACN- Cubarte

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