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The enchantment of a hotel at colonial times. It is a travel through imagination, Cuba’s 16-room hotel Encanto del Rijo, is located at the island’s central city of Sancti

It is a new facility where tradition and comfort have been perfectly brought together, firstly opened as a guesthouse in 2001,built in the former residence of renowned and illustrious doctor Don Rudesindo García Rijo, after whom this tourist resort was named, those who visit the place need to come back on and on for its comfort.

This Cubanacán S.A. Company's hotel was first opened in 2001 as a hostel but nowadays it is one of the country’s four exclusive places which offer a quality and personalized service to enjoy a nice and unforgetable stay.

Cuba will soon have 30 E-hotels –as they are also known- three of which are found in this province (El Rijo, El Plaza and Trinidad’s La Ronda).

Sancti Spiritus was the third Cuban province to open this kind of hotel, after Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, mainly meant for cultural tourism.


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