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A soap opera is to be broadcasted in Canal Habana where Cuban rhythms are mixed with those from Latin America.

Another Latin American soap opera is to be broadcasted in Multivision. After tangoes and milongas, there was a 180 degree turn to son, guarachas, cumbias, and boleros in El baile de la vida, a Colombian soap opera, produced in 2005.

Love and indifference, conflicting passions, intrigue, jealously, ambition, life itself serves as a plot of that sort of family saga, located in Santa Fé de Bogotá.

The plot is divided by a triad of brothers, the Zambranos. The story environment takes place in the 1950s between rigid codes of middle-class families and intense nightlife that break prejudice and taboos.

Zambrano’s orchestra, Caesar’s kindness, Ricardo’s evil, the passion of the younger and his many loves, are integrated into a story that also deals with adultery, prostitution, and racism. The soap opera, broadcasted in the South American, country is starred by Robinson Diaz as Cesar, the actress and singer Zharick León as Lina Forero, Diego Cadavid as Ricardo, voice-over introducing viewers in the story from the early chapters, sold as the most terrible evil...They are supported by a cast of consecrated and novel actors.

As it happens in Canal Habana, where soap operas from Brazil and Argentina have been broadcasted, a space for soap operas has been opened in Multivision, from the plurality of perspectives, styles and trends that allow us to contextualize the genre of
the soap opera at Latin American level to Cuban audiences.

After several years, Cuban television broadcasts a Colombian soap opera—characterized by humor, more open and direct that Brazilians’ and especially Argentines’. It is also an opportunity to experience the values and behavioral characteristics of each nation of the subcontinent.

Source: Cubasí

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