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The company Impacto Magico, from Matanzas western province, attracted the audience's attention in Las Tunas with its show Happiness that received the Big Prize of the Magic Festival Anfora 2009, in its 15th edition.

The company, founded in 2006 by the illusionist Chayquen Espinosa Mendoza, received the best recognition with its spectacular treatment of several styles like big illusions, telepathy, handling, comic and general magic, in an moving party in which its
members interact constantly with people to give more credibly to their tricks.

The company Impacto Magico received most of the laurels, because it also achieved the prizes in the categories of General and Comic Magic, defended by Norberto Abreu Almeida, (Magician Enigma), Big Illusions, by Chayquen Espinosa Mendoza, (Magician
Chayquen) and the best Woman Performance, by Damaris Peña.

The awards in this edition included close up Magic, obtained by Aryan Yordan, of the company Huracan Magico, of Las Tunas, magic with cards, by Jose Rafael Alvarez, of Santiago de Cuba, Small Illusions, by Erales Estevez, of Havana City and in Handling, by Miguel Romero, of Holguin.

The prize to the best Show for Children was given to company Variedades, from Santiago de Cuba, while the company Huracan Magico obtained a special mention.

Workshops, colloquiums, conferences, masterly lessons and exchanges between national and foreign professionals of the magic were some of the activities foreseen, included a theoretical event exclusively for the illusionists.

During six days the Magic Festival Anfora 2009 had the presence of the main representatives of illusionism in Cuba, as well as the representation of companies of other regions of the world.


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