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After having lost 13 games in a row in this 49th National Baseball Series, Camaguey  baseball team lived three great delights in Minas' Municipal Park after having won two games in a doubleheader against Matanzas, while its number one pitcher won his 100th game in this kind of competitions.

If it was necessary to wait 13 games to have happy mornings, Odelín also had seen how he couldn't win such an important game for his career, while he had already lost three games in the attempt.

Odelín allowed three runs, including a homer by José Miguel Fernández, but an aggressive offensive of his teammates batting three home runs gave Camaguey the chance, at last, to change the adverse scoreboard in the seventh inning.

New comer Asniel Hernández raised a standing ovation with a long foul ball. A few minutes later he pulled the ball to a fair zone, crushing his first home run in National Series, for he is a rookie.

Dayron Varona batted a two RBI homerun, because third baseman Marino Luis was on board, meanwhile Alexander Ayala put another ball on the other side of the fence.

It was a decisive move because Vicyohandri injected more strength to his arm during the complicated eighth inning, in the ninth Yormani Socarrás came to the mound to close the game throwing fastballs. RP Yoanni Yera lost the game.

Ayala, batted 5-4 in the game, and hit another home run to round up the number of three in the third consecutive confrontation. Marino Luis made a 5-3, likewise another player that shone at Mina's Municipal Park was rookie Dayron Varona.

Odelín shifted into the sixth Camagueyan pitcher that reaches 100 wins in the National Baseball Series, after Gaspar Legón, Teófilo Pérez, Oscar Romero, Luis Campillo and Fernando Tejeda.

A curious thing is that two of them, Teófilo and Odelín, came to the 100th victory in the same stage, that is on “April 9” Municipal Stadium in Minas.

Source: Adelante Newspaper/Radio Cadena Agramonte

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