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The Cuban film “El cuerno del la abundancia”, by Juan Carlos Tabío, received the Special Prize from the Jury at the 24  edition of Mar del Plata’s International Film Festival, in Argentina.

The Cuban work was awarded this prize to the judgment of the judges, on the perfect harmony and balance with which it keeps a very energetic choreography and music, always on the edge, but never going beyond the limit of overacting and wisely blending
heart and intelligence.

The jury was composed by the Spanish Julieta Serrano, the Brazilian José Wilker, the Argentinean Juan José Campanella, the Uruguayan Alvaro Buela, and the American Michael Shapiro.

The Mexican film “Cinco días sin Nora”, by Mariana Chenillo, got the Golden Astor to the Best Movie, and the Palestinian Elia Suleiman won the Silver Astor to the Best Director, for his work in “The time that remains”.

The award to the Best Actress was bestowed upon the American Allison Janney, for her role in “Life during wartime” and in the category of the Best Actor, the award went to the Spanish Gary Piquer for his performance in “Mal día para pescar”.

Another Spanish, Cesc Gay, got the Silver Astor to the best script, for V.O.S, as confirmed in a report the news agency AFP.

Mar del Plata’s Festival, the only one in the area of Latin America to be classified by the International Federation of Film Producers as type A, opened its 24 edition with the American full-length film “A serious man”, by the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen.

Source: www.cubanow

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