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The Jardines del Rey Festival, a promotional event named after the tourist destination (King's Gardens), gathered a considerable number of tour operators and market enterprises representatives who had the opportunity to appreciate the new products provided by the excellent resort located on the north coast of Ciego de Ávila, the central Cuban province.

The festival was held last weekend at the Cayo Guillermo facilities and its program also involved hotel clients who enjoyed the performance of provincial theatre companies, bands and dance groups.

On this occasion, the yearly event also celebrated a new anniversary of the destination, opened to international operations on November 12, 1993.

During the event outstanding tour operators and travel agencies were granted the Ibis de Plata (Silver Ibis). Lesner Gómez Molina, commercial manager of the Cubanacán Viajes Agency in Ciego de Ávila, regarding the winter tourist season, expressed that new services were created while others were improved taking into consideration the features of the region and the expectations of the tourists.

The new opportunities include ecological tourism activities and trips to several Cuban cities where tourists can not only enjoy beautiful urban landscapes but also get familiar with local history and culture.

Luis Armando González Fraser, the representative of the Ministry of Tourism in Ciego de Ávila, said that the preparation activities on the keys included the installation of street lights on the hotels avenue in Cayo Coco, the placing of street signals and billboard, and the paving of roads.

Jardines del Rey, located 450 kilometres east of Havana, is one of the most peculiar tourist destination in Cuba. To reach the place by land, it takes a 17 kilometre ride on a causeway across Los Perros Bay.

Tourist who choose Jardines del Rey as their destination enjoy the natural beauties of the place, among them the attractive flora and fauna with over 150 endemic species, the highest sand dunes in the country and the spectacular coral reef.

Ibis is a bird endemic to these island that gives the name to the silver prize awarded to the tour operators.


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