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The audiovisual producer of Cuba, Mundo Latino will edit a documentary on the revolutionary leaders Fidel Castro and the Vietnamese Ho Chi Min, as a way of revealing the good relationships between the two countries.

Omar Olazabal, director of Mundo Latino, asserted in this city that through these two fascinating personalities part of the fraternal history of both countries will be narrated.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that Mundo Latino is also editing a documentary on orphan children, in Sancti Spiritus middle province, another audiovisual material entitled Crónica de Amor (A Love Report), based on a workshop of
plastic arts, in Pinar del Rio, where young people with Down Syndrome work and other short movie on nature.

Mundo Latino studios were created 20 years ago and have produced more than 700 film works and during last week some of its documentaries of significant historical and cultural value were played in theaters, cinemas, television rooms, video clubs and schools of Las Tunas eastern province, some 690 kilometers to the east of Havana.

Mundo Latino is famous for its movies in favor of the Cuban environment.


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