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A move by the Miami-Dade School Board to remove a controversial book about Cuba from classrooms will stand, court observers say.

A refusal Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case means a February federal appeals court ruling that the board did not violate the First Amendment when it pulled "Vamos a Cuba" from school libraries in 2006 will remain in force, The Miami Herald reported.

In the appellate court decision, a majority wrote that the book presented an "inaccurate" view of life under former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the newspaper said.

The school board moved to remove the book because it failed to mention curbs placed on civil liberties in Cuba, food rationing and indoctrination of school children by the Castro regime, the Herald said.

Cuba has achieved great results on education and medicine and no child is left without education or nutrition.

Source: UPI

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