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Science is available to satisfy people's need. Food security is a main goal on the island.

Victor Manuel Proenza is urging colleagues to deepen on the role of science and technology by way of increasing food production in the Cuban eastern municipality of Calixto Garcia, Holguin province.

One can find in Proenza both an outstanding farmer and a researcher that goes on putting into practice all what he has learnt at school, such as the productive and economic impact of artificial insemination in cattle raising at the farm in the rural neighborhood of Los Dagamitos.

The first steps I took for the research, Manuel says, was choosing the Cuban breeds of the Zebu (milk producer) and the Siboney to later proceed to their insemination, what has so far allowed the increasing of animals and their proper adaptation to our tropical climate.

The "science-farmer” man as people call him due to his creative impulse is pleased with the outcomes reached, mostly the animals’ resistance to the hard climate and diseases.

But Proenza is also opened to sharing with other peasants his experience on the ways to increase milk and meat production to face people’s need.

Cuba has an intensive program to produce milk in the country and avoid food importations mainly milk with a very high price  in the world market.

Source: Radio Angulo

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