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As a result of the US economic blockade,especially to Cuban children, is the focus of debates during the final working day on

Friday of the Third International Meeting on Legal Protection of Family and Children.

  The event, taking place at the Havana's Conference Center, will be also focused on analyzing the Cuban Women Federation's

work regarding children protection in the Caribbean island, and United Nations Children's Fund representative Jose Juan Ortiz

will give a master lecture.

Despite the US-imposed economic, trade and financial blockade for almost 50 years, Cuba has a solid legal system in defense

of childhood, based on respect to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Family Code, Cuban Republic's Attorney

General Juan Escalona stated.

However  nearly 120 million children all over the world do not go to school, more than 11 million children die before turning

five years old due to preventable diseases, and 150 million suffer from malnutrition.

Source: Prensa Latina

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