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Concurso Elena Gil
The documentary film “Walter, el Cubano” by Ingrid Vazquez and Mirta Gonzalez received the Elena Gil Ibero-American Ethics Prize, granted by the Felix Varela Center.


A co-production with Finish film maker Pentti Riutty, the film is about journalist, writer and researcher Walter Blomquist, who was born in Finland 1902 and passed away 1976, in Havana.


Mentions were granted to a compilation of documents called “El padre Las Casas y los cubanos,” by Ana Cairo and Amauri Guitierrez, and “Manuscritos a contraluz,” by Dolores Vila Blanco.


Also acknowledged were the Center of Psychological and Sociological Research, Panama´s Inter-American Cooperative Institute, Cuba´s Radio Enciclopedia radio station, the Evangelical Seminary of western Matanzas province and Professor Maria Elena Ibarra, whom was awarded the prize postmortem.


The Ibero-American Ethics Prize was created to homage Elena Gil Izquierdo, an activist for the rights of the women, who contributed to the incorporation of many women to the Cuban revolutionary process and assume the role and place they deserved in society.

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