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Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuban Foreign Trade and Investment Minister, has stressed the huge challenges facing humankind and stated that global problems demand collective solutions.

In his speech at the UN Conference on the World Economic and Financial Crisis and its Impact on Development, the Cuban government official pointed out that this approach is a must to achieve development and guarantee the very survival of the human species.

The Cuban minister pointed out that the responsibility for this crisis mainly lies with the developed countries and the bank accounts and trusts that in the North have accumulated huge fortunes at the expenses of the suffering and poverty of the great majorities.

The minister also called for the end of the Bretton Woods institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and said the United Nations should host an international conference to "refound" the world's financial and monetary system.

The head of the Cuban delegation pointed out that this conference takes place in a decisive moment for the future of humankind and that the General Assembly is the most universal and democratic scenario for the
search of effective measures for the current situation.

Malmierca also regretted that only a small group of privileged countries decides the fate of humankind, and he demanded that the decision making process involves the consensus of all 192 countries that make up the United Nations.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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