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  • 06 / 22 / 2009

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Cuba's population will decline in 100,000 people by 2025, due to increased aging and shrinking fertility, Granma newspaper reported Monday.

  Cuba will be also the most aged country of Latin America by then, with nearly one million people over 60 years, a report from the National Statistics Office states.

According to the report, carried out late 2008, the Cuban population will be lower than the emblematic figure of 11 million by 2032.

Such demographic changes affect the composition of the population in sex and age, states the study, developed with the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cuba closed 2008 with 11,236,400 inhabitants, 50.1 percent men and 49.9 women.

The population ageing on the island is an achievement of the political, economic and social system that guarantees quality and more years of life.
Source: Prensa Latina

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