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  • 06 / 20 / 2009

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The Cuban Council of Churches will hold a mass service throughout the country, to commemorate a mass ceremony held ten years ago in Plaza de la Revolución.

The event, less massive than the previous one, will extend to the rest of the country’s provinces, informed the president of this evangelical institution, Marcia Hernández, in a press conference.

The evangelical organization also called for a day of voluntary work in the Pedro Marrero sports stadium, where the ceremony will take place, to repair the structure.

Various foreign representatives have been invited, such as Bishop Emeritus Federico Pagura, of the Argentinean Methodist Church, former present of the World Council of Churches for Latin America, and Bishop Victoria Cortés, vice-president of the Lutheran World Federation.

Also expected to attend the evangelical event is the president of the Latin American Council of Churches, Bishop Julio Murray; Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States, and Gerard Granados, Secretary General of the Caribbean Christian Conference, among other theologians and religious leaders.

Pastor Hernández stated that “we welcome and support what, in our nation, has always been done in benefit of the people,” when replying to a question about whether the religious organization was allied with the government.

He declared his solidarity with the cause of the five Cuban prisoners in the United States accused of being spies, and who the Cuban government describes as anti-terrorists because they devoted themselves to keeping watch on violent groups that operate from Florida, and which have organized on various occasions punitive actions against the Island.

The religious leader clarified that “The entire religious spectrum of the country is invited, even those who aren’t evangelical,” including the people and representatives of the Catholic Church, with whom “there is very good communication.”

Some 47 churches and ecumenical movements make up the Cuban Council of Churches, from Protestants from the so-called “historical” denominations such as Presbyterians, Methodists and Baptists to Greek Orthodox.

Source: CubaNow

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