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Company ACINOX Applies Variants to Reduce Energy Consumption in Las Tunas, Cuba
The company ACINOX, the biggest consumer of electric power in the eastern province of Las Tunas, is absorbed in the decrease of this resource with organizational variants.

From January to May it had stopped to consume 1, 700 megawatt/hour; however, in this fifth month the consumption was above the plan, but the entity registered its best production, 26.6 tons per hour, so far in 2009.

The effort of workers and executives is directed to stimulate the saving affecting as less possible as the production, keeping in mind that since the application of measures guided to lower the consumption, they has stopped to produce some 100 tons of steel daily.

This entity spends 20 percent of the electricity in the province, so it is very important to fulfill the new plan of consumption, 250 megawatt/hour every day.

Luis Rosendo Mendoza, production director, stated they worked 20 hours daily and now 10, with a break at the hours of the most consumption, from five to 10 p.m.

"With those measures the consumption of the electricity descends, but the company needs to use some three tons of fuel each day to achieve high temperatures in the ovens to continue the production", Mendoza explained.

On the other hand, Walberto Rosales Guerra, chief in the elaboration sector, and Santos Blanch, main specialist in the generator, meant the application of other measures such as the rational use of the air conditioners and the liberation of three workers to inspect in the different areas of the entity.

For Edismar Saavedra, director of ACINOX Las Tunas, it would be very favorable to work in campaign, a system approved by the Ministry of Economy and Planning that pursues bigger efficiency by means of the availability of all the insurance to take advantage the established schedule and to avoid potholes in the productive process.

On the role of this entity, Richard Arias, director of Rational Use of Energy, in the Electric Company of Las Tunas, asserted that few centers maintain the control of the energy like ACINOX, even they have develop for several years what they call the PAPE (Saving Programs of Energy Carriers).


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