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Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo spoke about summer activities and the need to save energy
Lazo pointed out that during the first four months of this year, national energy consumption was above average, highlighting the need for more energy consciousness in society.

The Cuban Communist Youth League (UJC) will devote this simmer to the 50th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution. As such, the organization has scheduled many activities to provide entertainment, education and energy savings,
above all.

First UJC Secretary Julio Martínez Ramirez said that production activities to be carried out have been fine-tuned to for energy savings.

In addition, the UJC, Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Institute of Cinema (ICAIC) have joined forces to provide good summer entertainment.

ICAIC President Omar González said that 50 films are scheduled for July and August including 40 premiers. Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo

There is also a wide variety of sporting events that will take place this summer both live and televised.

Among the questions addressed by Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo were concerning summer transportation; quality of concerts and other entertainment; the role of tourism and the food service industry; and how to provide young people with
affordable entertainment options, despite the economic crisis.


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