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Cuba Looks at Foreign Policy History
The leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro is one of the central figures, stressed the director general of MINREX, Eduardo Delgado who participated in Scientific Workshop sessions on 50 years of revolutionary diplomacy.

Delgado noted the work done by the legendary Argentine-Cuban guerrilla, Ernesto Che Guevara and Raul Roa on the 50th anniversary of his designation as Minister of State on June 11, 1959.

For her part, Isabel Allende Karam, dean of the Higher Institute of International Relations (ISRI) noted the ethics of Osvaldo Dorticos, Cuban president from 1959 to 1976 and his participation in the first visit Roa made to Latin America.

Dorticos was the architect of foreign policy of the nation during the first years of the Revolution president the delegation to the Belgrade Conference where the Non Aligned Movement was founded, expressed Allende Karam.

Other panel participants of the panel "The stamp of some noted revolutionaries in Cuban diplomacy," ISRI professors, Rolando Lopez and Miguel Alfonso also recalled significant events.

The scientific workshop is the first in a program to celebrate half a century of the creation of MINREX founded on December 23, 1959.

The event concludes today and includes debates of presentations distributed to five work commissions, on subjects such as Cuba-solidarity and cooperation, formation of diplomats among other issues.


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