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Computerization steps up in Pinar del Río society
Its strategic goal, according to the official documents, is to favour the massive and organized use of new technologies and communications in order to satisfy the citizens' needs and raise their quality of life, production, service and government management.

In regard to telephony, Pinar del Río has digitized all of its networks, and the computer grid of the provincial and municipal entities have an appropriate connection level, in correspondence with the criteria evaluated in the last meeting of the Provincial Administration Council.

The 42 community computer clubs of the territory have lines for data transmission and GPS services have been likewise installed in the city to benefit the economy.

These state-of-the-art technologies allow Pinar entities to count on national surfing in 99 percent of the cases, except for two companies still pending.

With respect to Internet access, it is worth to clear up that the service is thwarted by difficulties imposed from abroad, manipulated by the United States and whose effects have been reported many times.

The computerization project has reached those centres who give service to the population, a very much longed dream that is somehow coming true. Wedding palaces and registry offices were computerized since April, except for Las Martinas, San Diego de los Baños and Las Terrazas.

During the analysis was highlighted the training of the human resources qualified through the educational system at all levels and the Computer clubs.

Likewise, it was recognized the improvements undertaken in radio broadcasting and the telecommunications network of the province has been widen as well after the introduction of the optical fiber technology.

Related to computer security, Ernesto Barreto Castillo, president of the Administration Council, summoned all the entities to accomplish all the requirements in order to reach efficiency and mastery in that aspect, since the conditions of our country demand differentiated reasons.


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