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In Cuba Starts a TV channel at a Santiago de Cuba mountain municipality
This fifth of June the channel started its transmissions under the name Frente Vsision and with a mostly information programs, in which will be highlighted the achievements of this mountain area in economic, health, education, culture and sport areas.

Each Friday, in 27 minutes, journalists, cameramen, broadcasters, lighting engineers and editors will take to the houses of the area a TV offer with quality that responds to the interest of over 40 thousand inhabitants.

The broadcasting centre has high technology equipment and a very qualified personnel, to also spread the costumes and idiosyncrasy of the Cuban farmers, as well as the history of this mountain geography of 512 square kilometres.

According to the provincial channel CMKC, the signal will be received all over the area through the channel 38, which is the same channel through which it is received the Educativo Channel of the national TV in this mountains.

The II Eastern Front (Segundo Frente) Frank Pais was founded by commandant Raul Castro and covered with its six columns 12 thousand kilometrs of the municipalities Mayar , San Luis, Alto Songo, Yateras, Sagua de Tánamo, Baracoa, Banes and Antillas.

Its creation the 11 of March 1958 was an important step for the freedom war and its activity in the military, political and social order was very valuable in the victory of the Rebel Army, lead by Fidel Castro against the tyranny of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, the 1st of January 1959.


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