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Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus: Nearly 1 500 children are currently attending the 16 special education schools
According to information released by local authorities from the education sector, seven of the eight municipalities of this province have at least one of such educational institutions, all of which are properly equipped to match the students’ instruction needs.

The schools’ staff is trained to treat the children’s disabilities with a pedagogical approach so as to teach them useful habits and skills for their future lives. Mental retardation, blindness (and other visual defects) and deafness are some of the impairments handled in this kind of educational entities. The class for the four children diagnosed with infantile autism is worth noting.

Due to their extreme walking limitations, a not inconsiderable amount of children are taught at home by some ambulatory teachers.

For the last three years, some children have been getting the benefit of the so-called equine-therapy, which has proved sedative and compensatory. These children are referred for treatment by the Centers for Diagnosis and Orientation (CDO).

As far as the mentally retarded children is concerned, the schools feature shops where they’re trained on different occupations.

The abovementioned sources also said that some 70 students graduate every year from these institutions, most of whom are later on assigned jobs in their localities.


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