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Production of Salt Restarts in Las Tunas for Industries of Cuba
The workers, 54 women and 137 began quickly to restore walls, dividing walls, floodgates, channels, warehouses, workshops, and other damaged infrastructural elements.

This is the unique factory in the territory to produce this year 66, 000 tons of salt, which will help in the feeding of the livestock and in the work of important industries, as the Electrochemistry of Sagua la Grande, in the central province of Villa Clara.

The saltern company of Puerto Padre is truly a big industrial complex that guarantees chlorine to all Cuba starting from the chloride of sodium. It also supplies caustic soda to all the sugar mills of the country, the Electric Union, the Company Suchel Camacho, of the capital, and the brewer Bucanero, in Holguin province, among other entities.

Claudia Torres Delgado, director in the saltern company, located to 110 kilometers to the north of Las Tunas city and about 800 to the east of Havana, told Tiempo21 that to the arrival of Ike, last September 8, they already had some 15, 000 tons of the mineral in plateaus and in crystallization, but they were razed by the hurricane, which caused damages valued in two million Cuban pesos.

According to this mining engineer, who has worked in this industry for more than 23 years, apart from those affectations they expect economic losses by two millions and fourty-eight thousand pesos, because they had been helpless of carrying out the main production, upward to 25, 000 tons of fine salt for the human consumption and 20, 000 dedicated to agro-industrial sector.

However - Claudia asserts - our workers never gave up the fulfillment of the mercantile plan and that is why they speeded up the elaboration of thick salt with few raw material and intensified the production of lines until then secondary, such as the seasoned salt and a very effective deodorant on the base of hydroxide of magnesium.

As a result, the Company produced goods for the amount of the programmed money and reduced in almost a million and half of pesos the foreseen losses, although it was not able to fulfill the supply of fine salt to the inhabitants of Las Tunas, Holguin, Sancti Spiritus, Villa Clara and Pinar del Rio.

Before the passage of hurricane Ike the saltern company of Las Tunas was the second biggest producer in the country (after its similar of Guantanamo) and was designed to extract 80, 000 tons of the mineral, although with good climatic conditions it used to overcome that figure, like in 2006, when it had an overproduction by 44 percent.


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