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Book on the Cuban Revolution Presented in Mali
Poet Issebere loved Cuba deeply and many poems he wrote dedicated to it are collected in this volume.

During the function, Prime Minister Modibo Keita spoke highly of Cuba´s example of dignity and strength under the leadership of Fidel Castro.

The Malian leader said the example of Ernesto Che Guevara, whom he personally met when Che visited the country, is a guide for present and future generations of Africans.

Cuba´s ambassador to Bamako, Alberto Miguel Otero described the friendship existing between the two nations as unshakable and said Cuba will continue to offer its solidarity with the African continent.

He pointed to the current presence in Africa of thousands of Cuban cooperation workers in the spheres of health, education, culture and sports, among other sectors.

Animating the function, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, was a music band from Mali and the Macuba Cuba Orchestra, made up by Cubans working in that country. Also participating were members of the Mali-Cuba Friendship Association, officials from the Venezuelan Embassy in Bamako, and Cuban residents and voluntary workers here.


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