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Free of Drug Trafficking the Cuban Coasts
The excellent behavior of coasts guards in the frontiers have made possible that drug traffickers abandon Cuban coasts, Captain Jose Raul Garcia from Coast Guard Troops in the central province of Ciego de Avila, 248 miles Havana said.

Other operations that seized drugs on the high sea is added to this excellent behavior of the coast guards, as the seizure in the surrounding areas of the tourist pole Cayo Coco (Coco Key), an island in central Cuba in December, daily Juventud Rebelde announced.

Extreme and complex situations take place during New Years Eve, mainly in Christmas. The consumption of drugs reach top levels in US and drug traffickers increase its trade. That is called Operation Christmas Breeze, the Captain said.

He said 31 drug packages were found in the coasts of Ciego de Avila in 2008, making a total of 204.88 kilos of drug.

According to information from the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, more than 3,000 were found in 2007, while only 1,800 kilos were seized in 2008.


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