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In Cuba Las Tunas Steel Industry Searches to Increase Electricity Saving
With that purpose, the productive works moved into the hours of less electric demand, while there is a reduction in the use of non indispensable lamps and equipments for the fulfillment of the plans.

Those actions have big economic and social transcendence, because ACINOX generates exportable resources, diminishes imports, and guarantees indispensable structures for the construction of housings, schools, hospitals, and other facilities in the whole national territory, but it consumes 20 percent of all the electricity in Las Tunas, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana.

During the last days the Cuban authorities announced the implementation of several measures to avoid the energy waste, since in the first quarter of this year the country had an over consumption of 40, 000 tons of fuel, which means an additional payment of 15 million dollars.

According to official data, the Caribbean island daily invests about two millions 600, 000 Cuban convertible currency to generate electricity, a cost the country cannot face, if one keeps in mind that United States has an economic blockade against the country and last year it lost about 10, 000 million dollars, as result of the scourge of three powerful hurricanes.


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