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In Las Tunas, Cuba, Students of Middle Education Debate Their Management
Once again the Federation of Middle Education (FEEM) prepares in Las Tunas the agenda of the Provincial Council that annually invites to analyze the management of all its members in this country.

Some 130 territorial delegates attend the meeting in which they debate the same topics of previous years, gotten worse by the world economic crisis that blocks even more the economic development of Cuba.

They also worry about the students' recreation at schools, included cultural, sport, and scientific activities, together with the stimulus level they receive to participate in them.

The discussion process began at the classrooms, where the students analysed the challenges and achievements of the FEEM during the period.

In Las Tunas the Federation of Middle Education joins 30, 000 students of 67 centers and it was created on December 6, 1970 with the idea of revitalizing the student movement and to channel their complaints and interests before educational institutions.


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