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In Pinar del Río, Cuba, Construction Materials Industry at steady pace
Engineer Alberto Ceballos Santos, technical director of the Construction Materials Enterprise in Pinar del Río, reported that almost all of the items are in a favourable phase and reach 121 percent of the accumulated plan of aggregates.

The so demanded artificial sand for house construction and recovery, as well as for other social works, have increased from 76 percent of the plan on late April to 133 % accumulated, despite the damage caused by rains.

In regard to concrete blocks, May reaches 112 percent of the production and also shows a steady pace in the manufacture of concrete and clay tubes, glue cement. The traditional ovens are to finish all the remaining work of the month with tubes, links and tiles.

The official recognized that although the output of tiles is not going well due to technical issues, the situation must be stabilized and the month must end with the plan accomplished.

Until the end of April the accumulated production of aggregates was at 121 percent, the manufacture of concrete blocks at 104, of tiles at 105, floor tiles at 86, and the rest of the productions are stepping up.

At the same time, the workers and officials of the Materials Industry are gathering efforts for the recovery of the damaged roofs of the warehouses damaged by the hurricanes, now in the concrete and carpentry complex of the zone of Siete Matas, a unit that has not stopped the productive process.


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