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A bronze cannon, the first of its type discovered in the oceans surrounding Cuba found by fishermen
According to the local Radio Trinidad station, a group of lobster fishermen working in waters close to the Zaza Afuera Cay found the cannon. The same fishermen discovered the remains of a colonial ship a year earlier in the same location.

Leonel Delgado Ceballos, head of the Archeology Department of the Conservation Office in Trinidad spoke about the value of the find.

The cannon is 2 meters long, weighs 645 kilograms and was cast on June 18, 1777 in Seville, Spain, according to an inscription on the piece.

Leonel Delgado Ceballos said that the cannon comes from a ship that was part of the Real Armada fleet of King Carlos III as confirmed by a crown engraved on the surface of the cannon with a capital R encircled with a C and the number "three" in Roman numerals.

The cannon, along with 20 small pieces of ammunition and an 8-pound cannonball, will be exhibited in one the museums in Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So far, the crew of the lobster fishing boat has brought up the remains of a ship, 16 cannons, an anchor and an iron deposit used for ammunitions.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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