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Cuba, will stop importing disposable glasses for the Cubana de Aviación airline
The new production line, of Italian technology, started the operation stage by producing the first 50 000 units in one week. Shortly the figure will increase to 36 000 a day.

The chemical engineer Geanny Bello Campo, the director general of the Juan Antonio Márquez SUCHEL-CEPIL enterprise, expressed that this investment is one more step along the way of import substitution and

announced that they are ready to exceed the annual demand of the product, about 6 500 000, amount so far acquired in Holland and in the People’s Republic of China.  

According to the specialist, the new glasses of six ounces are personalized with the Cubana logotype and surpass the quality of those bought abroad.  

The method used in the production of these recipients, he commented, it revolutionizes the technology of modeling by injection, on using  for the first time the quick injection aided with nitrogen, a technology similar to

the one used in developed countries.  

The diversification of the items produced  in the Juan Antonio Márquez enterprise includes lines for the increase of the brooms production, as well as brushes, plastic buckets of 10 and 12 litres, and tooth brushes, all

of them being the only lines of their kind in Cuba.


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