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In statements published in the Trabajadores weekly newspaper, Alexander Manso, ETP director, said that technical specialities will now take three years and four months, including the internship period.

"We are going to separate the classes of pre-university graduates from those of technical specialties," said Manso. He added that many students are currently enrolling in technical schools to obtain bachelor degrees only to go on to apply for university, and in many cases in fields completely different to what they had previously studied.

Manso highlighted that the ETP's main objective is to train a qualified labor force and to guarantee work to students immediately after graduating.

He said the ministry is working on a study plan that includes reducing curriculum to only the relevant subjects in each specialty. As an example, he said that the current curriculum for Accounting includes Physics and Chemistry, something that would be left out of future ones.

Other changes include opening classrooms annexed to work places to give students the possibility of directly interacting with the technology they would be using after graduating.


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