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 In Cuba University Staff and Students Look Inside
Two national gatherings of university students sponsored by the Cuban Federation of University Students (FEU) were held this week to promote Cuban history courses and to discuss ways to improve law school.

The Second National Forum of History promoted a grassroots movement in which thousands of university students from all provinces took part. The best works will be presented during the national forum that ends on Friday with awards given to the best presentations.

Even though History is a compulsory subject for all specialities, lessons are not always well prepared and students don´t feel encouraged to research and learn more about this important subject.

To address this concern, the FEU organized this forum to foster discussion on how to make classes more enjoyable and worthwhile.

The Sixth National Gathering of Law Students brings together representatives of the more than 61,000 law students on the island. Among the topics discussed were the quality of the educational-teaching process, ethics and political-ideological work.

Yordany Puentes, a member of the FEU National Secretarial Office, said that students need more contact with the actual work they will carry out as professionals, and added that a workshop will be held to this end. “Our graduates have lots of theoretical knowledge but little practical experience.”

(Juventud Rebelde)

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