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 Las Tunas Families Approve Changes in Teaching System of Cuba
Recently the Minister of Education Ena Velazquez Coviella highlighted as one of the changes to deepen in the teaching of the Spanish language with emphasis on listening, interpretation, and oral expression, measure that creates the basis for the Spanish exams that are decisive to obtain the certificate in the different university careers.

Students from the middle to the higher education will also deepen in the History of Cuba, specially in the native tradition and the reasons for the fight of the political sovereignty.

Starting from the school year 2009-2010, pedagogical students in practice teaching and the Integral General Professors in the second year of their career, will increase their methodological training and the direct teaching to their pupils in order to fomenting the dialogue and direct contact student-professor.

This was the main teaching method many years ago, but the use of TV-classes and the new technologies place the educator's role in a side level and with it the children's motivation deminished in the classrooms.

This was always a concern for parents, students and educators, fact that could be overcomed by means of both methods and to achieve a proper use of the technological and human resources in benefit of the teaching learning process.

In order to strengthen the formation of scientists and engineers, the students who apply for studying in the Vocational Senior High Schools of Exact Sciences will select careers linked to those branches, while their academic preparation will be guided toward that direction mainly.

Moreover, all the students who want to study a university caeer must pass the entrance exams.

This aspect was not applied to students of the Municipal University Subsidiaries, which offer careers for workers in humanistic, economic and social specialities.

The modifications are guieded to developing the knowledge of the future generations and to helping in the economic and cultural development of the country.


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