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Company Palmares a major complement to Cubas tourism sector
The firm's branch in the eastern city of Camagüey runs a broad network of recreational and gastronomic establishments.

Among Palmares' offers in Camagüey are an excursion to Santa Lucía beach and the event Wemilere in San Juan de Dios Square.

The company runs five restaurants, including La Campana de Toledo, housed in a traditional mansion of brick walls and tiled roof, where exquisite dishes from Cuban and international cuisine are served.

Another establishment is Don Ronquillo, which is located in a tourist complex made up of the art gallery El Colonial, a nightclub, a party hall, a boutique, shops and Casa del Habano.

For its part, Oxio is a recreational center that offers a swimming pool, game areas for adults and children, cafeteria, barbecue and Rincón del Bolero.


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