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Aqueduct net Las Tunas

      Over 1, 700 people of the town Omaja (Omaha), in the municipality of Majibacoa, are benefitted by the aqueduct net of the eastern province of Las Tunas.
In the centennial town, founded 106 years ago by US shareholders, it was necessary to install 10 kilometers of pipes to supply water to more than 1, 340 housings, schools, commercial centers and other State institutions.  

According to a wire from the Cuban News Agency this is an old dream, because since the town saw the light in 1906, its inhabitants had to carry the water in tanks, wagons, trucks and other means of transportation, what caused uncertainty in the daily life with a consumption of 100, 000 liters of fuel every year.

Majibacoa was the name of that eastern rural place, to some 700 kilometers of Havana, and its founders nameed it after the town of Omaha, in the USA, but they substituted the letter "h" by the "j", to make its pronunciation more Spanish like.

Since the new Political Administrative Division in 1976, the municipality where Omaja is located, was named Majibacoa to correspond to the desires of the Cuban inhabitants of that region.

Source: Tiempo21

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