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The ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Coordination Bureau is to conclude Thursday in this capital with the approval of a Final Declaration.

Speeches by more than 60 foreign ministers of that bloc, parallel to the functioning of political and social-economic commissions, will continue this morning.

Participants debate the draft of the final declaration approved by experts, to be finally subdued to the criterion of all delegations.

Representatives from over 120 nations listened Wednesday to Cuban President Raul Castro, who demanded a fundamental change in international relations, and said a global organization based on hegemonic aspirations is not legitimate or ethically acceptable.

Challenges of the Movement's Summit held in September 2006 not only remain, but have been made more dangerous and urgent. The need for coordinated NAM action is more peremptory, the statesman noted.

The island's head of State stressed that the world is currently affected by a deep economic, social, food, energy and environmental crisis, which has reached global scale and there is an increasing awareness to find short-term responses.

Referring to the US blockade on Cuba, he stated it is still intact, despite measures adopted by President Barack Obama, with minimal effects.

"We have reiterated we are ready to talk about everything with the US government, on equal terms, but not to negotiate our sovereignty or our political and social system, the right to self-determination or internal affairs," Raul Castro stated.

This is the last meeting of this kind the Movement will hold in Havana, before Cuba ends the temporary presidency of the organization and the 15th Summit of Heads of State and government, to be run in July in Egypt.

Source: Prensa Latina

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