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The 10th "La Boca del Lobo" Traveling Short Film Festival will arrive in the Cuban province of Holguin as part of the activities programmed for the May Festival, to take place from May 2 to 8 in this province.

Over 60 films from various European countries will be screened during the “La camara azul” audiovisual space to take place at the “La Tres Lucia” café of this city. This festival is coming for the third time to Holguin, also called the City of the Parks.

”Viaje a Bangkok”, “Kubisten”, “Alumbramiento”, “Sudor”, “Heterosexuales y casados” and “Cuestion de fe” are among the films to be show during “La Boca del Lobo” festival, directed by Javier Muniz.

This exhibition is a retrospective of the most courageous and daring short films that have gone through the festival which takes place in the Spanish city of Madrid.

La Boca del Lobo participated in the 7th “Humberto Solas” International Low-Budget Film Festival and is now screening its films in the city of Camagüey. The tour also includes exhibitions throughout the year to the Cervantes Institute in New York and the cities of Palermo, Prague, Dublin, New Delhi, Soria, Almería, Dakar, Formentera and La Plata, among other cities.


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