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The Non-Aligned Movement will start a ministerial meeting on Monday in Havana, with global disarmament as focal point, especially the elimination of nuclear arsenals. Bound to its founding objectives, the forum actively defends compliance with treaties, as that of Tatlelolco, which stop proliferation of chemical and nuclear weapons.

That mission will be assessed by representatives of 120 countries, including members and observers, in a meeting until Saturday in this capital to prepare the 15th NAM Summit to be held in Egypt.

Cuban Vice-Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno asserted in a recent press conference that the NAM has maintained its inflexible stance, regarding full achievement of disarmament and world peace.

The also ambassador to the United Nations (UN) highlighted that Cuba achieved, during its first NAM temporary chairmanship, activation in The Hague of the organization to ban chemical weapons.

In a recent debate at the UN Disarmament Commission, Moreno called to put aside rhetoric about this issue and "keep the forgotten promises."

According to official statistics, there are around 25,000 nuclear weapons in the world, 10,200 of which are ready to be used immediately.

Moreno warned that the NAM rejects selective application of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and reminded the countries with such arsenal of their legal obligation to conclude negotiations for a full disarmament, with international supervision.

The world military expenses reached the record figure of $1.3 billion, an amount that hinders fulfilment of the Millennium Development Objectives.

The NAM, officially created in 1961, is composed of 118 member countries and 17 observers, and champions world peace and independence of countries.

Cuba will present a revitalized movement in the 15th Head of State and Government Summit to be held in the Sharm El-Sheikh beach resort in Egypt.

Source: Prensa Latina

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