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Recovering from the damages left by hurricanes Ike and Paloma after their devastating passage across Camagüey last year, has become the main goal of the inhabitants of this Cuban eastern province so that affected families can have their homes back, now even more comfortable that those knocked down by fierce winds.

The heartrending sight left by the cyclones is changing little by little, even when many families remain in houses of friends and of relatives. As ordered by the commissions created within districts and communities for helping the victims of Ike and Paloma, these families have been receiving construction materials for building their houses.

As part of the rehabilitation of Camagüey housing stock, a better organization and control over resources have been guaranteed to solve affectations as soon as possible.

With the help of workers from diverse state-run companies and entities, problems such as the haulage of construction materials to settlements have been eased in some extend.

Santa Cruz del Sur Rises Up

Santa Cruz del Sur rises up, assures the Director of the Housing System in Camagüey. This municipality was the place where hurricane Paloma struck hardest. The first stage of urbanization project of this municipality advances without step-backs and 300 new houses are being built in the development zone.

Experts of the Housing System also give the victims professional consultancies about the efficient use of resources particularly the roofing, so that it can resist the storming winds.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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