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Representatives from the agricultural sector of Cuba and Lower Saxony, the second largest state of the German Federal Republic, began making contacts to expand cooperation.

Some twenty entrepreneurs headed by Hans-Heinrich Ehlen, Agriculture Minister of this State, held business talks with Cuban counterparts, to boost exchanges in technology transfers, food production and commercialization, raw materials, and veterinary medicines.

The German businessmen arrived in Havana, where they were received by Cuban Deputy Agriculture Minister JoaquÃn Lezcano. Then, they met to go further into the bilateral trade and legal framework for business and foreign investment on the archipelago.

The representative of the Department of International Relations of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce from Oldenburg, Germany, Felix Jahn, expressed his wish to strengthening economic bonds with Cuba.

He went into great detail about the fact that Lower Saxony, in the center of Europe, stands out in the agricultural sector, particularly in the production of chickens, potatoes, eggs, asparagus, sugar beet, and apples.

Although it exports agricultural raw materials and their derivatives, the Agriculture Minister stated that commercial activity shouldn’t be limited only to imports and exports, but that it should also include cooperation.

Hans-Heinrich Ehlen expressed his interest in sharing knowledge and transferring technology for the good of the states with which Lower Saxony cooperates, and advocated for this visit to promote a similar exchange.

 The german enterpreneurs visited agricultural entities and cooperatives in the provinces of Havana and Pinar del Rio, where they made a tour on tobacco plantations.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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