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Again, during this month of April, Old Havana opens its streets, houses, squares, and more unknown corners to the dance movement during the 14th edition of the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes: “Old Havana: City in Motion”.    

From April 15-19, companies and dancers coming from about 14 countries, among them, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Mexico, and Venezuela, among others next to Cuban artists of five provinces and more than 20 groups with headquarters in the Cuban capital participate of this party that reunites styles and very diverse tendencies of contemporary dance.   

“Old Havana: City in Motion”  is still a different and unusual event that brings the spectator near a combination of artistic manifestations inspired by history, architecture, and the design of one of the most beautiful parts of the city, declared by UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.   

A creative dialogue from the Havana architecture constitutes each representation of the encounter, carried out in the Historical Center of Havana from 1996. These festivals are organized by the company Dances Theater Retazos that the choreographer Isabel Bustos directs, next to the City Historian Office, in collaboration with the Center of Theater of Havana. These five days of Dance in Urban Landscapes also includes dance representations, exhibitions, concerts, projections of video art, performance that allow the integration of a wide spectrum of tendencies and artistic manifestations. In its side program are also included conferences, courses, mastery classes and workshops delivered by important personalities both Cuban as foreigners   

The Weapons Squares, San Francisco of Assisi, and the Old Square; the parks Rumiñahui, Simon Bolivar, and Las Carolinas, the latter venue for the Dance Theater Retazos; and the House-museums: of Africa, of the Pious Work, Alejandro de Humboldt, of Comedy, Simon Bolivar, as well as the House of Asia, that of Victor Hugo, among other spaces; as well as the Streets Mercaderes, Oficios, Amargura, and Obra Pia, are the ideal scenarios of the representations that every day begins with a passacaglia.   

This time it’s developed as part of the encounter, the fourth edition of the international festival of Video Dance “City in Motion”, with the projection of materials made by creators of several countries. This will be, every afternoon, until April 18, in the Cinematograph Lumière, and in the evenings, in the silver screen Amargura Street, headquarters of Dance Theater Retazos. Homage will be paid to the Cuban cinema director Melchor Casals, director of the short film “Sulkary.”   

The International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes, Old Havana: City in Motion is included, since 1999, in the international circuit Cities that Dance, worldwide network comprising more than 24 cities of Europe and America, and that was created in Barcelona, in year 1992. This bond allows inspiring the exchange of ideas and artistic experiences among the towns.   

During those days the dance, universal language that accompanies man since his origins will reign again in Old Havana. The Festival will constitute an encouraging moment again for the mutual fortification among creators of different art tendencies, for the approach of this manifestation of scenic arts to a varied public, and to reassess the architectural heritage of the city, as well as its historical and cultural memory. 


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