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Cubasolar a renewable way to ensure the future
A decade has been enough in Pinar del Río so that in the rigours of the special period Cubasolar contributed, as a soldier of the Energy Revolution, to the solar photovoltaic electrification of 19 doctor’s offices, 21 social circles, 162 primary schools, 63 community television clubs and 114 houses located in distant places.

In addition they have given their support in 225 windmills, over 60 biogas digesters, the activation of mountain mini-hydroelectric plants and in the installation of 386 solar heaters in educative institutions, health care centers, hotels and buildings, as part of an experiment to extend it all over the country.

These data, broadly speaking, are part of the main report the organization used to analyze their last year of work during a meeting where the ethics code was also approved.

To Emir Madruga, national vice-president of Cubasolar, the board of directors, headed by engineer Fracisco Lorenzo, have the potential to do a lot of things more, if taking into account the results achieved in the High Pedagogical Institute, the Mountain Faculty of Pinar del Río, Hermanos Saíz University and the Natural History Museum.

The interesting thing about Cubasolar in Vueltabajo is that they have proved the effectiveness of combining old methods of energy generation with new ones.

The attending delegates also approved the work projections for the present year in regard to education and culture, promotion, demonstrative projects, research, development and production; internal life and national and international relations.

The meeting was also an opportunity to call the members to the Provincial Workshop of Renewable Energy Sources and Environment Respect on November 27, as a prelude to International Workshop Cubasolar 2010 to be held in Granma province.


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