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Sanlope Publishing House Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary in Las Tunas Cuba
Maceo Park, downtown this provincial capital, is going to be the venue of a small book fair, of a literary gathering about the work of the Sanlope and of a poetic recital, as part of the activities that are going to be organized today in order to celebrate the Cuban Book Day.

Previously this small book fair was carried out from March 26 to 28 in all the municipalities of Las Tunas with literary proposals of the province and of the nation.

Verena Garcia Mirabal, director of the Center of Promotion and Development of the Literature told Tiempo21 that 26 new titles will be published this year with emphasis on the infant literature, the historical investigations and the narrative.

A present the Sanlope Publishing House has eight lines of productions: Montaraz, for the famed writers; Tarot, for the beginner poets, Cabaniguan, dedicated to the social cultural and historical investigations; Caballo Blanco, to the narrative; and Vinagrito, for the children.

It also has an Ibero-American collection that publishes all the books rewarded in the competitions Cucalambe and Decima Joven de Cuba, while the collection Abierta gives light to the extensive texts and among others.


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