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Restoration of paintings of Cuban governors from XVIII and XIX centuries
The Spanish Cultural Ministry announced that, after the restoration of the building, the Archive intensified the digitalization of their funds and were at the disposal of the researchers.

A General Captain is a military rank. In colonial times, this rank was reserved for the Chief of the Royal Spanish Army, usually viceroys and the Spanish employees who governed a General Captaincy, such as Chile, Venezuela, Cuba or Guatemala.

In the Cuban case, it is preserved the Palace of the General Captains (image), located in Old Havana, an area declared by UNESCO a Patrimony of Mankind.

This building is considered the most important architectonic work in the Cuban baroque.

The Palace of the General Captains was built in an area where was located the Havana Cathedral. Its construction started in 1776. It was the offices of 65 general Captains sent by Spain to govern Cuba, as well as the administration place of the USA during the 1898 – 1902 intervention.

The Palace was also used during the neo colonial republic as Presidential Palace until 1920.


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