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Everything ready for the National Casino Rounds Festival in Havana
The aim of this announcement from April 4 is to promote the practice of the most popular dance of this island, taking as the starting point competitions in work and students centers, in which they will all have the opportunity to show their ability.

The aim of this is to strengthen the identity and the feeling of being Cuban, because through dance people enjoy what the country produces in a musical field, said the author of A Bayamo en coche, one of the best known son in Cuba and abroad.

Álvarez highlighted the importance of casino dance and made a call for children, young people and adults not to let the occasion go by and to make partners in the many casino rounds that will take place all over the country, from the city to the countryside.

The Casino Round is a formation of several couples that guided by a leader, make figures and changes between them. It is originated from French Contredanse, which was fashionable during the 18th century and which was very much liked in Cuba in the society dances or sports casinos, which is where its name comes from.

In order to dance the Casino Rounds there have to be at least two couples and there might be up to twenty or more and the guides have to know the turns that the leader will make them do.

In order for the Round to be good there is no need for many turns or very long and complicated turns; since the skill of the leader is demonstrated by giving orders with grace and creativity, adding phrases or small stories to the orders, which makes the Casino Rounds a hot, happy and dynamic experience.


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