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In Cuba Pinar del Rio museum keeps cartographic jewel
The piece is part of the San Cristobal museum collection, and the specialists of the center undertook its finding and restoration.

The document, that dates back to 1850, under the authorship of Carlos Sauvalle y Blaín, close friend of José Martí’s, reveals details of a place related to anti-colonial battles, corroborated by studies made by researcher César García del Pino.

According to that expert, Sauvalle’s house, in Balestena ranch located in the region of Aspiro, was one of the places used by the National Hero to hold actions with liberation clubs, from May 22 to September 17, 1879, when he was caught and deported.

Apart from this significant information, nearby the Rosario Range a large botanic garden was settled in the first half of 19th century by Sauvalle’s grandfather.

The garden, visited by wise Felipe Poey, could be the most ancient of the country, and its lands still show national and exotic species, the latter coming especially from Europe, some technicians of the museum state.

The map represents the original division of Aspiro lands, between Santa Cruz and Taco Taco rivers, a region with more than 600 inhabitants and possibilities to be proposed as Cultural Landscape in the national categories.  


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