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Smallholders Will Triple Production of Milk in Cuba
Lugo Fonte explained that the delivery of the valuable food has ascended considerably and this year there are motivations to reach the plan, because there are conditions to surpass the 226 million liters gathered in 2008.
A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the president of the ANAP stated that at the end of February, period characterized by a severe drought, 11 million liters more than the previous year were produced. He also specified that the smallholders count on more than 200, 000 cows.

Orlando Lugo Fonte asserted that in the sugar cane there are also important productions, so 122 cooperatives received the gold trophy for achieving a yield of 54 tons per hectare.

The president of the ANAP felt satisfaction for the new smallholders that became members of the organization, after the delivery of land in usufruct last year.


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